Recently one of my friends introduced me to my new favorite nail polish – Nail Glow Nail Enhancer by Dior. It’s a little pricey – but it’ll last you a while – and Nordstrom is having a sale on it right now. It’s the perfect shade of pink sheer – and it enhances the natural color of your nail. It’s one of those subtle things that just makes a home-done manicure SO much better.

I’m always pressed for time, and even though the nail salon is VERY close to my house – I don’t always make it to the salon to get a professional manicure. I watched a bunch of Youtube videos the other weekend – and here are a few tips on how to do a home manicure:

  1. Remove polish – obvious – but make sure you really get it all – take a minute or two to make sure you’ve really taken it all off
  2. Shape nails – clip your nails – use large clippers – don’t even try to use your kid’s clippers or those funny little angled ones.
  3. File – Use a nice file – don’t use a metal one. File in one direction – avoid filing back and forth.
  4. Time to paint! – Apply a base coat. Then, make sure you don’t have too much polish on the brush. Start painting in the middle – push up a little, then stroke downwards, then paint the one side, then the next (3 strokes total). Do all your nails – then go back for a second coat. When you switch to your non-dominant hand – move your hand you are painting rather than trying to move the brush around – it’s hard to get used to but totally makes sense. Then, apply a topcoat!

Below is a roundup of some fun manicure ideas that I’m loving right now. The neutral palette ideas are fun – just grab a couple colors that are offbeat and pick a sparkle for fun – this looks especially unexpected if you pair it with browns, yellows, and navy. I also love the modern abstract art nail designs. Leave this one for the salon (unless you are super skilled)!

I’m not sure who to photo cred these for – Ifound them on Pinterest – if you happen to know – leave me a note in the comments below.



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