Flea market season is here and it made me think to put together some tips on what to wear to when shopping outdoors. Often it can be cold in the mornings when you first arrive (and you always want to be first, so that you can score the best one-of-a-kind finds!).

Here’s what I recommend to wear to Spring flea markets and festivals:

  1. A strappy sundress – it’s easy to layer a cardigan or lightweight jacket on top in the morning when you first head out
  2. A cardigan or lightweight jacket – provides warmth in the morning when you arrive, and provides sun protection later in the day (or even can double as something to sit on later!), make sure it’s light enough you can put it in your tote
  3. A tote – bring a lightweight tote bag or 2, you never know if vendors will have bags, and it’s more environmentally conscious to use a bag you already have
  4. Sunglasses – you’ll want to be able to see what you are shopping for, and it’s much more comfortable. Invest in a good pair (and keep them away from your kiddos).
  5. Comfortable shoes – sandals like a Birkenstock are great, they are comfortable enough to stand in all day, or a great pair of clogs that aren’t too high (Sven makes some great comfortable pairs).

A few other things I always bring when I’m heading to a flea market or festival is: sunblock, and a refillable water bottle. Wishing you all the best and fashionable flea market and festival shopping this season!

Dress: Voloshin Shoes:Sven High Heel Peep Toe Clogs Straw Bag:vintage, here’s a similar one Sweater:from Vagabond, similar here Sunglasses:Karen Walker Bounty 47mm 


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